Main Goals

Promote risk identification and prevention

Scientists are determining which genes play a role in the origin of different types of stroke. The objective is the early identification of high-risk patients to enable a well-directed preventive treatment.

Optimize patient care

The network aims to close knowledge gaps in health care research and health economy and to analyze and correct possible deficits. This paves the way for a comprehensive quality assurance in stroke treatment and a long-term, validated cost planning in the health care sector.

Improve diagnosis and acute therapy

Multicentric studies are testing the potency and effectiveness of new operation procedures, imaging diagnostic methods, and medicinal strategies.

Quality assurance by using stroke databases

Various project groups are developing and expanding joint stroke databases for imaging methods, epidemiological and genetic questions to enable significant results in multicentric studies. Furthermore, it will be possible to systematically evaluate the acute treatment situation of stroke patients.

Support education and advanced training

Symposia and advanced training academies will provide physicians and scientists with information and training about new findings and the current state of research.

Promoting young scientists

The prize is awarded for an outstanding scientific work of a young scientist or a study group from a German-speaking country in the field of clinical or experimental stroke research.

The Young Scientist Award was presented at the International Symposium of the Competence Network Stroke 2006 and is valued at 2.000 €.

Laureate 2006

Dr. Christoph Kleinschnitz from the Department of Neurology, Institute for Clinical Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University of Würzburg obtained the award for his research results “Targeting coagulation factor XII provides protection from pathological thrombosis in cerebral ischemia without interfering with hemostasis” (published by “Journal of Experimental Medicine” (J Exp Med. 2006; 203 (3): 493-5.)

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